"...myth is real...creation is literal. It matters very much what our myths are; it matters very much what we create, for in a world whose Creation myth is not earth-based, one that does not include a vision of the Earth's renewal, we can literally read in the papers every day the actual story of the 'Wasteland'."

Gloria Feman Orenstein

The Reflowering of the Goddess


"...I had discovered from the research I had done...that I did indeed have a context. This context extends back in time hundreds of years and consists not only of countless writings by women but also of a large body of art that, to my mind, evidences a different perspective from the art of men, along with a range of responses to the questions with which I was then concerned, questions concerning the nature of female identity."

Judy Chicago

Women and Art: Contested Territory



Lilith 40" diameter 1994



Eve 35"x20" 1996

Athena 34"x20" 1996



Yemaya 30"x24" 1996

 Ptesan-Wi (White Buffalo Woman) 28"x20" 1997



Erzulie 29"x24" 1997

 Ishtar 29"x24" 1998



Diana 30"x24" 1999

 Samovila with the Spirits of the Forest 30"x24" 1999



Kuan-Yin: Goddess of Compassion 30"x24" 1999

 Gaia and Daphne 30"x24" 2000



Padma-Lakshmi 30"x24" 2000

 Triple Goddess 30"x24" 2002



Dzonokwa 30"x24" 2001 

 Wadjit 30"x24" 2002

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Early Figurative Paintings


New York in the 1970's

Myths, Ruins and Sunrises