"The spirits that rule over animals and plants are probably the oldest forms in which archetypal contents were imagined..." 

Marie-Louise von Franz

Projection and Re-Collection in Jungian Psychology: Reflections of the Soul 

"...the shaman...becomes an animal-spirit, and 'speaks,' sings, or flies like the animals and birds. 'Animal language' is only a variant of 'spirit language'..."

Mircea Eliade

Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy



Butterfly Woman 30" diameter 1986


Journey 84" diameter 1988


Dirrangun 40" diameter 1988


Chalchihuitlicue and the Spirits of the Rainforest 96"x76" 1989


Norwan 36" diameter 1990


Ursa Mater 60"x50" 1990


Mare Nostrum: Our Sea, Our Mother 60" diameter 1992


Raven Woman 36" diameter 1993



Early Figurative Paintings

Early Portraits

New York in the 1970's

Myths, Ruins and Sunrises

Goddesses Of World Mythology