Water Statement:


"Nothing in the world

is as soft and yielding as water.

Yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible,

nothing can surpass it".


Tao Te Ching


Water sustains all species, whether a calmly flowing river, a meandering stream, a serene lake, the changing tides of a bay or the energetic rush of the ocean. Especially captivating is the motion of light as the day progresses from sunrise to sunset, the transparency of clouds, the reflective quality of the water and the way it catches the light and offers a separate but connecting view of the sky and surroundings. The dramatic contrasts between light and dark bring the promise of a storm or the beginning of a clearing. The margins between land and water, the edge of the sky folding into the misty distance, can create tension or harmony, motion or stillness.

Grace can be found in the great beauty of green waters under ominous gray skies, or violet waters under a setting sun, or the dazzling blue of a cloudless day.

Maine Waters 2010